Procurement Services

We offer procurement services based on 7 Rights (Price, Quality, Quantity, Time, Place, Source, and Services).

We work with distributors and stock holders both regionally and worldwide. We have experience in supplying vast range of different materials, consumables, and equipment across major industry sectors related to engineering. We have a proven record which shows our trustworthiness and capability in handling complex and multiple purchase orders therefore, we can take care of the procurement needs of our clients by meeting the deadlines and paying special attention to the quality of the material to be supplied. We also provide experienced and skilled work force to help you execute your projects.
We recruit only the highest caliber people who undergo a schedule of rigorous training to be able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding client. We provide skilled manpower on contractual basis in the following categories:

1. Skilled Manpower
2. Soft Services Manpower
3. Ordinary Manpower
4. Administrative Manpower